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(✿✪‿✪。)ノコンチャ♡ C'est moi, hosmá. I guess I'm obligated by law to write an "about me" thing so...

Dude, not particularly good at anything /shrug
I pretend to understand music theory but most of the time I actually don't!
Things I like: YOU! *
*exception French people *
*exception cool, rare French people

Here, buttons!

Yet another vocal synth

Nov 15, 2019 #

Introducing: Emvoice One, pay $200 for a vocal synth inferior to both VOCALOID and SynthV! For a mere 200 bucks you can get unlimited access to one voicebank, no tuning options (we made them, they just aren't implemented yet!), weird ass note editing et cetera! Emvoice One, now fully released.

Seriously though, it's quite laughable and I feel sorry for the people that bought this thing. I mean, sure, it's probably going to get better in the future, hopefully, but in its current state it's definitely NOT worth $200. The only huge difference between the full and demo version is that the demo only lets you use EIGHT (8) notes, not even an entire octave, which is just... BRUH. You can't even play ONE full scale, not even a pentatonic!

The devs' justification for the price is that they worked oh so hard on it for these past few years, so this is a decent price for a "pretty nice program (but)", as one complaining user called it! Yeah, I'm gonna pay $200 to reward you for your effort, not for the software that I want to use :-)

Drawing (by someone who can't draw)

Nov 06, 2019 #

Today I thought to myself "Damn, it sucks trying to decide on an album cover when it can't be a drawing". I mean, yeah, a seemingly huge amount of people are able to draw really nice stuff, but they also ask for money (greedy fucks smh...) so I decided to try giving it my all in order to draw something myself.

Among the challenges I had to overcome right off the bat was not owning a drawing tablet, so not being able to Ctrl-Z until the "Z" on the key disappears. I grabbed a piece of paper and a red pen, because I couldn't find a pencil anywhere, and I started to remember some shitty youtube tutorial I saw way back. I did that circle thing with a plus that I think pretty much everyone does when drawing heads, made some kind of chin shape and quickly realized I can't visualize shit, so I opened up a reference pic and started copying the hair lines as close as I could with the naked eye.

Halfway through that I realized that I dont wanna draw all that damn hair so I just changed a little stuff around and decided that MY anime girl will have a different haircut. I then googled "anime eyes closed", but only found shitty deviantart stuff. However, in a brief moment of desperation, I had a bruh moment. I googled the same thing, but in Japanese, and I actually got good results this time! I drew two squigglish lines for the eyes, a slight frown and a little nose that I really wanted to boop, but I couldn't.

So far, so good. It didn't look like complete shit, but it wasn't anything to brag about either. However, I now had to face my second biggest fear: the body. Look, proportions are a bitch, I think we can all agree on that. I knew damn well I'll ruin it if I try my luck, so I did the only thing that came to mind: I went to gelbooru, put in "dress facing_viewer rating:safe" as the tags and started my search. I found a pic that was kinda ok, opened it on my phone, set the brightness to maximum and started tracing that shit. Also, I found a pencil.

I was done with the body so now I spent a good amount of time deciding whether the shading looked like shit or not, and decided that it did so I took it out of existence. To my surprise, the anime girl looked pretty good. I was pretty damn half-proud that the copying and amalgamating went this well.

After all of this, I spent way too long trying to think of a setting and I went with my usual "Fuck it." and decided it would be some kind of hallway with an elevator. I drew the elevator doors and a corner pillar that I was way too proud of, threw some shades of red here and there since I used it before for the head, and then I metaphorically stepped back to take a look at what I've done.

It's uh... meh? I don't think it's too bad, I think it's quite good compared to my usual doodles actually. It still feels kinda awkward and stuff though so idk. I'm kinda ok at drawing geometric, lifeless stuff but when it comes to living things I'm really shit. Still, I guess I'm kinda happy with how it turned out. I'm too tired to upload it right now though, so I'll do it later. If you're curious it's gonna be here.

By the way,

Wow, that was a long post! :o

LLSIF All Stars kinda sucks doe

Sep 27, 2019 #

An update!? Nothing interesting unfortunately, just my dumb ass rant in the blog/diary hybrid thing, don't read if you don't care, iunno. Might write another thing about music these days if I feel like it and maybe even rewrite the chord function I use to not be limited to 5 notes.

Ok so, All Stars is some real bs, who thought this was a good idea? I mean yeah, it's better than SiF in a lot of aspects, except, for instance, the gameplay, which is pretty important. For example, instead of 9 circles with shit coming towards them at light speed, there are now two (2) circles with shit coming towards them at the speed of me updating this site, so you can't flex as hard as you could with SIF. But at least we have flicks now! You know, like in Bandori, but worse because you have to flick these in one of 4 directions, not any. And slides are gone, since there are only two note tracks now. Or maybe they're still there, somehow, on Advanced difficulty, I don't know. Why don't I know? We're getting there.

They were probably thinking "How do we make this challenging?" when someone came up with the stamina system, which I abhor, to say the least. It's just a difficulty lock, which is dumb as shit in my opinion. If you're new to the game, you have to play on Beginner because your group's members just don't have enough stamina and/or power to play on Intermediate or Advanced. You then decide to gacha pull, and you even get a few SRs and a UR! You level some of the cards up and then... you still can't do it because it's still not enough. Well, you CAN play on Intermediate or Advanced, but you WILL fail it even if you hit every single note frame-perfectly, because you'll run out of stamina with each note you hit, or miss. So, you just have to sit there and die of absolute boredom throughout every single song for a long ass while. There are also some weird ass arrows on the side of the screen during lives which, well, I have no idea what they do, but they usually do it for about a second when you tap them.

Also, you HAVE to be on the main screen if you wanna access the settings, so you have to back out of a bunch of shit you're in every single time. That gets a little annoying. Why? Because the calibration in this game is so, SO bad. It doesn't even auto-calibrate for you, it just reccomends you a number that's usually off by a bit, so you have to keep doing trial and error. And also, normal notes and flicked ones are adjusted separately, which is just... why?

For the story side of things, they basically kept the same sprites from SIF, but now the mouths and eyes move! And there are also versions with their backs facing you, truly innovative. Also, the main menu or screen or whatever feels like an Illusion game, specifically Honey Select. It just has that vibe. The UI, the music, the 3D models, the shading, the animations, they all just come together to remind me of it.

Verdict: Not too much fun. You might find it awesome if you only care about the story and/or you have a ton of money you can sink in gacha, but otherwise you probably won't find it very enjoyable.

P.S.: I understand that this might just be my stupid ass mobile 音ゲーboomer opinion, but these are my initial thoughts on SIFAS.

Saw Metallica live yesterday!

Aug 16, 2019 #

Somehow, I got to see Metallica play live before they died! Funnily enough the sound guys or whatever played Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth lol (though it's probably because Mustaine has that whole thing going on right now).

The sound was pretty shit from where our seats were but it was still enjoyable. The solo harmony in Master of Puppets sounded a bit weird though. They had some huge ass screens, people filming them and crazy lights all over the place too so that was pretty cool. Also, to my surprise, the crowd was really into it too!

Kirk and Rob also covered a... local cover of a Whitesnake song, so that was also interesting. Oh and Ghost opened for them or something but who cares lol!


Jun 21, 2019 #

WARNING: Opinions below!

I'm fucking laughing my ass off @ Gibson at this point lol! They're running it into the fucking ground hahaha! Oh man, how DARE Dean Guitars make better (IMO) AND more affordable guitars than them?! This obviously calls for a lawsuit!

Let's take a moment to remember the other great things Gibson has accomplished so far, like filing for bankruptcy, having breaking headstocks as a traditional, core feature of their guitars, or coming up with a really funny joke.

A truly amazing and innovative way to recover from all that shit, guys! I can't help but wonder how anyone can still support them after all this. The only thing they have is the mortifingly expensive Les Paul that doesn't even sound that amazing (IMO). Stunning, hahaha.

Impractical how to: Mobile rhythm games minus some of the pain

Jun 15, 2019 #

Today I thought I'd share a way to diminish the pain that comes with mobile rhythm games. One of the things I hate the most about this genre is that you pretty much have to use earbuds for the optimal experience.

However, earbuds SUCK. They're ok for listening to music when you're not home but it just puts me off so much thinking that "Oh, I have to put on those god damn earbuds again if I wanna play Bandori or LLSIF or some other shit that's centered around sound". This shit prevented me from sinking all of my time into some gacha bullshit but no more shall it be this way!

Basically, earlier this year I've had a great epiphany. I tried using my dumb as shit audio interface on Windows 10 since there are NO 64-bit drivers for it and that prevented me from using it on 7. Surprisingly though, it magically worked without any drivers on 10, just like it did on Arch. Anyway, I switched from line-in and then thought "Hey... wait a second... this weird adapter thing..."

Long story short, I plugged that shit into my phone and ran the cable into the audio interface. I then fired up an amp sim (TH3, since it has a standalone version) and was greeted by loud, distorted, demonic anime music. After removing everything I heard the crystal clear audio of my phone in the headphones. It was a bit too crystal clear for my liking though, so I threw in a compressor and EQ pedal.

Rejoice! I could now play this bullshit simultaneously with any other thing happening on PC. Quite comfy, I must say! It can also be quite funny to mess with delay and reverb and shit on everything. The comfiness of this setup also boosted my playing by quite a bit.

I have yet to work on the dream journal or the chord-playing function :D

Fuck it

May 31, 2019 #

You know what? Fuck it, I'm gonna write a fucking symphonic rock/metal/whatever you wanna call it cover of Old Town Road, it's gonna be in mainly in 7/8 because fuck me and it's gonna have:

And you can't stop me! Idk if I'm gonna throw in a solo as well. I mean, I want to, but I've gotten way too shit at soloing so idk... Maybe I'll just throw in an orchestral one like the violins or something since it's way easier if I have to write it theoretically without worrying about playability lol!

Fun fact about the song, the first chord, which also happens to be the I, is major, but the rest are taken straight from the natural minor scale! There's some very epic modal interchange at play here. Seems to be a common theme among interesting and catchy songs, doesn't it? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Also, I have to rewrite the function that plays chords soon so it isn't limited to a certain number but... it might take a few minutes so I don't wanna do it, ugh!!

Last entry of the month and shit

May 31, 2019 #

Wow, I managed to cram in three entries this month wtf!

Anyway, I'm here today to tell you of a little adventure I just had! These past two days I decided I was going to check out some of the randomly discovered on itch.io H-games that I have on my PC! I also have a bunch of more obscure titles that I have no idea how I discovered. Whatever, I booted one up and it had a small, weird ass vertical aspect ratio (windowed) and it seemed like one of those quirky VNs that try to do things differently but not so much.

Well, I was right, that's just what it was. Though the entire game was in Japanese, I could shockingly understand most of what was written on the screen. The mechanics weren't really explained other than those of a single minigame. Most of the game was pretty intuitive though, but some stuff I only discovered during my second playthrough (more on that later). I also didn't realize it, but I was playing it with the sound muted. It seems like it's just generic background music and some anime 「きゃあ~」「えぇ?」and「バカ!」audio clips to go with the dialogue, which aren't really my thing so I finished the game muted.

I should also note that it's an interactive VN and, if you're curious, the dialogue comes in floating speech bubbles, so it's not your typical boxed VN. You can also move around the house and stuff. There aren't really that many places to go so you get familiar with the place fairly quickly. The transitions where the entire thing fades to black and then back again were quite long and annoying but other than that it's pretty cool. The story was a pretty generic one, "Boy goes to the countryside, but there's also a girl!" Eh, not that bad, I guess.

Now comes the epic part. After my initial playthrough in which I fucked up since I couldn't figure out how to trigger the final events, I went into the settings menu and discovered a language option. It only had English and Japanese and... that could have been useful... And it was useful because I was now aware of a few more things that existed in the game and how to trigger the final heart in the ♥♥♥♥♡ thingy to get the good ending.

Overall decent experience. Cute art style (decent, but a few things look a bit weird on the characters) and it has some interesting and surprisingly fluid mechanics. I'm not an H-game reviewer, so idk if I should recommend it, but this was my story.

Oh by the way thanks a lot for 100 followers! I wanted to write a song to celebrate but you know... lazy piece of shit... sorry :(

Music shit again

May 29, 2019 #

This is now the first month that has had two entries, what an achievement!!

Anyway, I decided to ACTUALLY start working on another album. This time it's gonna be entirely VOCALOID too! I've got THREE entire songs DONE. Written. Finished. Wow, right?! I only have the lyrics and "mixing" shit left. I still don't know how to properly EQ shit...

I say VOICALOID but it's actually going to be sung by Eleanor Forte from Synthesizer V, but it's pretty much the same thing. Why SynthV? Well, because it's comfier than VOCALOID, I said it! Eleanor's a great voicebank too, really good!

Now then, I must say that I feel like I'm becoming quite professional when it comes to using voice synthesizers, heh. I mean, just a few days ago when I started working on the lyrics I actually TOUCHED that automation-like thing at the bottom where you control the tension in the voice and stuff! Crazy shit.

When it comes to recording, though, it's quite depressing. Since I decided that for once I'd actually be the one playing the guitars on the tracks and not some Guitar Pro soundbank, I'm forced to use a mutilated Squier that I have lying around. I tried using all my magic and totally legit IRs and VSTs on it but it still ends up sounding a little... idk, shit. It just doesn't have that tightness to it. I'm attempting to kinda combat this by double tracking (kill me), but idk, I might just say fuck it and fall back to GP7 sounds.

The songs themselves can be classified as metal, I guess. Not like death metal or that classic heavy metal sound, though. Dunno how to describe it, I guess it sounds kinda like prog, but it's not all that progressive. One of these songs has this really fucking cool "stuck floating around in space" vibe to it with a fuckton of tapping and 7th chords so I'm trying to base my lyrics on that setting, but it's really hard to come up with actual stuff to say about this particular scenario. Rhymezone isn't much help either...

As of right now, I've finished recording one song and I only need to come up with one more verse to be able to say that I finished the entire thing. The idea for the lyrics came to me while listening to Native Construct's Quiet World (AMAZING album, also RIP the band *crying emoji*). Right now it sounds WAY better than I expected. I also stepped way out of my comfort zone and added breakdowns and shit too. Some random guy in a random Discord server randomly gave me a random chromatic idea for the guitar under the verses too, so that was a really nice experience.

Currently debating wether I should add a fourth song from my pile of scrapped stuff that never got to see the light of day. Music is tough and absolutely not worth it, kids.

THAT Cadence

May 18, 2019 #

Wtf having a blog is hard!

Anyway, new shit is finally here, woo! You can now click on chord progressions to hear them, except not in their complete glory because I can't be fucked to mess with Tone.js
The way I implemented it is nightmarish as well, please take my word for it.

Speaking of chord progressions, here's a very nice one: I - vii - IVΔ - iv (added Maj7 to spice things up a bit)

Man, I just can't get enough of it! It's quite simple, but very nice and melancholic. It's not exactly the simplest chord progression so it doesn't get used (too much) in modern pop, but you'll definitely come across it every now and then. Also, I keep forgetting what it's called so let's roll with the major-minor plagal cadence lol

I've heard it a million times in many different ways, but the only instances that I can recall right now are in "We're Finally Landing" by HOME, "Bright" by SCANDAL and the Drake & Josh theme song starting from "If you open up your mind" and I am NOT joking about the last one: vii - II - IV - iv - I

So what the fuck is going on here? A few things, actually! Idk which is more important so I'll start randomly with modal interchange.

That's a fancy name for using chords that are outside of the key you're currently playing it. This major-minor plagal cadence is probably the most popular form of modal interchange out there and I strongly encourage everyone to play around with it! But... how do you do that?

Now, let's say we're in C major. The most basic thing you can do to work with this cadence is to take the current melody or motif and play it as usual, but while you're on the iv chord (Fm), whenever you play an A note, change it to an Ab instead. Now THAT is going to throw gasoline on our hearts and then set fire to it. You can also try to play something a little different with the C minor scale, maybe try starting on the m3 (D#)!

The other thing that's going on with this cadence is voice leading, which I can't really talk about that much. It's exactly what it sounds like, a note that moves in a certain direction through different chords.

Actually, that explanation was really bad so I'll just show you. Focus on the highest notes in this progression: ii - V7 - I
Notice how they kinda followed a certain up-down direction and sounded kinda like a melody? That's basically voice leading and it's what's happening here too, but this time it's also chromatic so it REALLY wants to resolve IV - iv - I

So, uh... that was the post, I guess? Basically, I got this JS library to work and I'm showing off. New themes are on their way, expected to arrive 15 years from now! Also, I still don't feel like working on a new dream journal, so yeah. See ya.


Apr 05, 2019 #

Ok so... I finally found something I can talk about a little, somehow!

SO TODAY I was noodling around on my guitar that looks and plays really good, but sounds like absolute dogshit, and I did a thing where I went i - II and it completely fucking blew me away. I ended up with i - II - iv - V7 (Cm D/F# Fm G7, to be exact) and I was like BRUH, this shit sounds... actually, I've definetly heard this particular modal interchange somewhere before.

I foraged my mind for half an eternity and then it hit me: Remarkably Human by Nick Johnston! It's a really nice album and this progression hit me with an extreme vibe of... that, which is weird, because I always had the impression that the entire album sounds like a huge augmented chord. I never actually took the time to analyze any of it, but it kinda sounds like that to me for some reason.

In other news, you might have heard that Maynard pulled a really epic april fools prank (another) (yet another) (one more) (and finally) on tool's entire fanbase, where he completely HALVED it! Haha, as if... that album's coming one day...

And one last thing I can shove in here is that Yorushika「ヨルシカ」is releasing a new album soon and I'm looking forward to it!

And also, I still haven't started to work on anything else :D


Mar 01, 2019 #

*orchestral bVI - bVII - i progression*
*clears troath*
I have given up.

What the fuck is going on? You already know! I'm throwing everything into the trash and minimalizing the shit on this site again! Y-you want to know why? Oh, ok... I guess...

Well, I was thinking something along the lines of Hmm, I don't do SHIT with my site anymore, I've pretty much forgotten most of what I knew about HTML/CSS/JS AND I am bored as fuck, and that lead to the concept of turning this poor site of mine into, as much as you and I hate it, a blog. But, I mean, do YOU have any better ideas? (No, really, do you?)

So anyway, I've also decided that I would pretty much straight up just write about literally whatever, whenever. Maybe I broke something again? I'll cry about it here! Perhaps I have discovered something I find cool, I might talk about it here! I'm putting some more shit here to make the list seem bigger!

Things I ********might******** touch upon include, but are not limited to:

I'm planning to add a few more themes in the future because this one seems pretty monotone and I'll get bored of it really fast.

I also thought of implementing something like MIDI.js and when you click on chord progressions it plays them for you or some shit like that idk we'll see. I'll likely focus on making a new dream journal for now, maybe.

Feel free to leave comments on /7/ while I decide how to set them up here, I still check them!

Oh, and I'm finally confident enough to say that zooming in won't destroy everything! And fuck you if you're here on your phone. That pretty much concludes everything for now, I think. See ya.