Uh, hi...

That was awkward. Anyway, I'm the guy in the url and the huge text at the top and welcome to Neocities' garbage dump. The background image is from Enslaved's "Frost" album and I'm not going to link it. Tough luck, pal. This website's best enjoyed on a cold winter day with some ambient stuff at max volume.

This update only happened because I got bored of the old design lole. Ever noticed how every update seems to take more and more stuff away from the site instead of adding to it? Well this one does that too.

I'll try to add some stuff that makes you say 'wow cool lol' in the near future. I'll think of something. I'll try, at least.

Oh yeah, here are some of my buttons.
Btw the first one is actually red I just didn't want it to ruin the whole aesthetic thing I have going.

About me, if you care about shit like that (because I sure don't)

Not much to say, really. I'm a guy, I'm a-uh... I don't really know what else to say. I'm pretty sure I have some sort of dementia. That's about it, I guess.

Stuff I like: the smiley with a carat nose, playing guitar, old [s4s], beary and flube, a bunch of other Neocities sites, various music (exceptions are pretty much whatever's on the radio nowadays, like pop and rap), pretending to be a programmer, pretending to be a musician, being lazy and not updating this site a lot (which is pretty much the previous thing xd).

Stuff I don't like: you (xD *asthmatic coughing*)

Ways for you to stalk or call me names

Discord Unofficial Neocities Server
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Steam /dev/sdb2
Email U28lMjBsb25lbHk@protonmail.com
Youtube debil
Github isvinc3s

(I read all of these btw)

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