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This is a collection of most of the shit I've drawn that I also bothered saving. Mostly god-awful, unfunny and/or le cringe trash but whatever! I'm really new to this whole art thing but please feel free to talk shit about whatever you want to! Stuff is ordered first of all by category, and then date (newest). I should probably look into downscaling the thumbnails in the future.

tablet stuff

Another album cover for another song, this time not entirely mine, featuring a faceless Eleanor with a different haircut than usual, a horribly-drawn hoodie and a tie on her left shoulder, for some reason. Also, fun fact: the spider web-ish stuff in the background actually spells out カケラ if you look really closely. Why yes, I did run out of ideas, how could you tell?


Album cover for a song of mine, featuring two more random characters I came up with on the spot (and I was too lazy to draw one of them). I think it looks suprisingly real, doesn't it? It's all digital and I pulled the frame and paper straight from Google images. Weird... Also please ignore the cringe dialogue that's for some reason written on the paper, I'm really bad at this stuff.



I tried animating... well, anything that came to mind really in CSP without looking anything up and it was hell on earth, to say the absolute least. Towards the end I kinda figured out how to do shit but it was way too fuckin late to go back and fix shit so yeah... also I fucking suck at drawing sideways shit, the eye's too small, the head's too big. I thought if I bother to add color it would make it look nicer but I still think it looks like shit. Oh well what am I gonna do? Fix it? Lol!


This is something I drew as a concept for an extremely short EP I'm tryna experiment with leitmotifs on. I haven't really finished it and I kinda wanna do some more with it visuals-wise but I probably won't so I'll dump this here. The girl on the left is Eleanor Forte from Synthesizer V and the other one is random ass character I came up with on the spot #31313519023159201.


Quick thing I did to try out Jack's crayon, it's like MS Paint with less features lol. Still pretty cool tho. There's a lot of empty space here, huh?


After the passing of Kyle Drake, Penelope becomes a holed up drunkard, unable to get over his death, constantly blaming h██self. Please, Penelope, it wasn't your fault. You have to let go.

I literally just wanted to draw the cat with a nose since Jack mentioned it doesn't have one, so how the hell did this happen? I think there's something wrong with me, it seems like whenever I try to draw Penelope it somehow devolves into weird scenarios like this one. For example, there was one time I put her in a grave and that one time I... well, if you know, you know.


A bunch of random sketches to try out some stuff. I don't really like how the catgirl turned out but eh whatever, I think W I D E girl is pretty cute tho.


Sucy from LWA telling you to stfu. I swear guys, it's a new haircut, I'm definitely not making excuses because I made the hair things on the side too short.


Big anime tiddy. Kinda reminds me of a certain character, but I have no idea who. Also I think this is my best one yet, probably because it's really rough lol


Tried some more calligraphy stuff. This kinda, somehow, barely reminds of the Gintama episode titles, but it's like a less messy version of that (and with some color). Also, dreams again cuz they're cool or someting, I'm not very creative lol


First attempt at a serious drawing. I sketched this and then drew some lines over that and then realized that the shirt is way too long, but I didn't know how to go about fixing it. B-but ahoge makes everything better, right?


I was basically thinking "Something cool... uh, dreams? Yeah, dreams. Wake up... not?" and then drew some neon circles.


Some random scribbles that look like some sort of ancient script or something, idk. I thought the / brush is really cool if you couldn't tell.


First thing I drew with the tablet, an amalgamation of random Japanese words I could think of off the top of my head. I tried to write them somewhat nicely too. Also, a terribly drawn anime girl in the corner. I think the catgirl turned out kinda cute though.


MS Paint doodles (mouse)

An awful joke I thought of and tried to make a sort of comic out of.

Explanation: The joke is that this person forgot the reading for 熊 (kuma), meaning "bear". The kanji contains the radicals 厶, 匕 and 月. 厶 and 匕 look like katakana "mu" and "hi", and 月 can be read as "getsu". I also reordered them because I thought this way it rolled off the tongue better.


Tried to do some manga kinda stuff and got really lazy by the time I reached the second panel, again. And then I just gave up on the thrid.


New year's attempt at a different style of drawing. As you can see, it didn't work out. Also, I have no idea how shadows are supposed to work.

The character I tried drawing is Piko from Piko Piko. Really fun game, you should check it out if you like cute anime things and platformers. Do be warned that it's full of bugs though.


Eleanor Forte, a vocal synth. Drew this for a Christmas video I made for a song of mine.


Drew this while talking with some friends, it's supposed to be a carricature of me playing BanG Dream in the classroom like the chad I am. Most of the things in this pic are in-jokes, like the broken desk, which is a reference to the actual state my school is in lol


I was gonna try to make a really low budget slideshow animation for a song of mine but I realized that that also takes too much effort so I stopped about 10 minutes into the first frame lol


I feel like this image perfectly describes me on a fundamental level. I mean, just look at the last panel. This is exactly the kind of person I am. Also, as far as I can remember, this is my first ever attempt at drawing a manga page.