Are your parents nearby? YES


I'm with some classmates and we're going on a trip to some huge mountain. Events I can't remember happen and then we decide to launch ourselves off the mountain somehow and parachute down. It was fucking awesome. I land in some snowy village at the bottom behind some house and suddenly there's SWAT units looking for me so I figure I better lay low.
I'm in some huge fancy building, can't remember wether it was a school or someone's home or whatever. I'm there with my colleagues too. We're having a good time running around the place and stuff. Then it's time to leave so I go get my jacket from one of the rooms, I turn back to leave the room and among the other hanged up clothes I see a 7-stringed Les Paul. I always wanted to try a LP to see what makes them so special so I grab it and start jamming. I can't remember what I thought about it.
I'm in the same building but a bunch of floors up. I'm doing something music-related and then a woman comes to me and says it's time to play whatever with a bunch of other guys I could see outside the room. I tell her I don't even know what we're playing and she hands me some sheets of music. I don't take them, telling her I have no idea how to read music and that "I will never, in my entire life, ever learn how to read sheet music". She gets mad, slams the sheets on the ground, tells me that I HAVE TO learn how to read sheet music, leaves and locks me in the room.


Dream 1, I feel like I've had this one twice before.
I'm in an unknown neighborhood. I know, like in the possible previous dreams, that there is a certain "potion" you can make. It was called a potion but actually you had to launch a sort of large firework rocket into space. However, I've done this before and regretted it so I don't do it this time. But there's two other guys that know about it. One of them lives next door with his annoying mother so he never gets the chance to make it and one of them is just there. I'll call the latter Two and the other guy One. I'm starting to get worried about it so I quickly become friends with Two.

The day passes very slowly. Two somehow gets One away from his mother and I lose sight of them. There's a huge tower in the neighborhood. I just know that's where they went. Also apparently this time there's a rule that if you launch the "potion" after midnight it won't work. It's almost 12AM, I have no chance of stopping them anymore, the scene changes to a cinematic point of view that follow them around. I see the first guy. He maniacally runs around every room connecting circuits and stuff as they light up. He jumps around like a monkey just connecting some extra stuff for effect while Two yells at him to stop and just launch it already. Eventually, he finishes and Two launches the potion. Still a few minutes until midnight. Nothing happened since it has to get quite far out first. We all wait.

After a while of having my final moments, without any warning, it just happens. Just as it did in the possibly previous dreams, the sky gets split into three very different universe "textures" with a black circle in the middle of the second one. I look, frightened, as the Earth disappears from underneath my feet. I'm floating in broken space, all alone, without a body. I think, becuase it's the only thing left to do. I think "How would I even go about killing myself now?", would there have been anywhere left to end up anymore? A stream of thoughts, each one tugging at my sanity a little more. Eventually, Two materializes before me. I've been in his position before, I know what's going on. He's omnipotent and omnipresent. He's a god, the only one now. I beg of him to fix this, there's nothing.

I remember our planet still exists, though, so I quickly float myself towards and approximate location. Controlling my view like in SpaceEngine, I look around the big, unlit ball that was once Earth. It's just empty surface now. The oceans are all muddy and there are orange leaves floating on them somehow. Earth's barely distinguishable from its surroundings.

I beg of Two to fix this. I beg for quite a while. Eventually, he creates my room and places us there. I have my body back, but that's about it. We talk for a long while, me imploring, him refusing. I take a walk around my appartment while he's smoking in my room. I find the same "potion" on my balcony. I hastily take it in my arms, pull a match out of the blue and light it up. It shoots away into the distance.

Two comes to find me staring blankly out the window. He pats me on the shoulder and says I'll get used to it. My potion bursts. The three textures shuffle yet again. I can see the look of horror on Two's face as all his power transfers over to me. The tables have now turned. I don't waste any time and I just say to myself, "Everything shall be reset to how it was before it broke, and the postion may never have existed". Everything's back to normal, I am at peace

Dream 2, I feel like I've had this one twice before too, but the first parts were different.
There's some sort of rich guy house. I'm at the main gate. Each day we send three young girls to... I don't know where, but I think it's my job to help around or something. Each night I have vivid nightmares, sort of like visions (all this happened during my dream). I see the girls locked and tied up in sort of cave on the ground. After a few days I notice that the guy who comes to take them from the main gate has red, glowing eyes. I soon realize something and begin chasing him, but eventually lose him.

I continue the investigation for a few days and then, in the dream, remember that "maybe I've had this dream before?" (also how the fuck wasn't THAT enough to trigger lucidity). I follow the events of the previous dream and it cuts to an underground rocky area with a huge door, a red wall and a yellow pipe with water going through it. The girls are behind that door somewhere. I get angry and start kicking the door, but it wouldn't budge. I then kick around it, but nothing happens. I then decide to hit the motherfucking pipe with all the strenght inside me. I deliver the heaviest punch in history and it breaks apart. The water leaks and it empties out. I yell for the girls through the hole. I eventually get a reply, I'm relieved that I found them.

As in the previous dream, I set up a visit with the guys who now own them, I guess. I have some other people with me playing their roles ready to jump in action at any point. I meet with the boss, shake hands and then start walking away like I triggered a timed event in the game. I know where I have to go and he catches on and starts running with his guys in the same direction. He got ahead of me so this turned into a chase scene pretty fast. Me and my guys jump over benches and almost get hit by cars but we somehow make it to the destination before him. It's a parking lot.

There's a hole in the ground. I know the girls are there. I call out for them, but no response so I shout. I can't get a response. I lay down on the ground and look out farther into the underground place. I see a row of shoes and legs. Relieved, I conclude they must be sleeping. I call the police, we get them out and they come back "home". I'm alone looking after one of them. She's wrapped in a blanked and drinking hot chocolate. It was snowing outside and we were sitting by a fireplace. I look over at her and see her smiling. This makes me happy. I wake up.


I remember at some point being with some guy and a girl in gray sport clothing. The three of us were in the corner of a crowded room. I don't remember how we got to that, but the dude starts groping her and stuff. He takes her top off to reveal those huge ass tits and I say "What the fuck, dude?" but he doesn't give a shit. After a bit of me sitting there awkwardly and just saying stuff like what the fuck is he doing he goes up a level and pulls her pants down to reveal her cat. I gaze at it for a brief moment before my view is obstructed by this guy's cock entering her vagina. I sigh and continue asking even more questions that include the words 'what', 'the' and 'fuck'. He tells me I could probably have a go after he's done since she doesn't seem to care but I refuse.


First part of the dream goes like this. I go visit my mother and she lives in what looks like a japanese house (pic). I go inside a room, jump on a bed that was there and try to sleep. I left the door open. My mom tells me to sleep well and leaves. Seconds later I hear running and a girl jumps on the bed. I was in a position where one of my legs were kind of up in a V shape, I don't know how to explain it better than that, one of my legs was curled up, figure it out. She positions herself over me, sitting on my knee with her *ahem*. I politely ask her to leave because I'm trying to sleep. She starts rubbing on my knee with her *AHEM*. The virgin me urges her to stop and leave. My eyes were still closed, she could get away with it. She doesn't.

She falls from my knee onto my *ahem again* and I can somehow hear her smug face. I'm scared. She keeps teasing me and I say fuck it and tell her that if she wants to fuck than go on because I just wanna sleep. She unzips my pants and OH MAN did that shit feel good. After we're done I open my eyes to see the cutest girl I've ever seen in my entire life nap on my chest, smiling. God, why the fuck do I have so many dreams with cute girls? I want to cry.

Second part, I'm in a classroom. It was a hyper-realistic one because one of my real classmates was there and I was known as the kinda socially awkward dude. There was a cute girl with green skin and huge tiddies that reminded me of Lord Dominator. She was really cute and nice so it took .00001 to form a crush on her. During this never-ending period we did all kinds of interesting stuff, not what you'd normally do in school. There were all sorts of puzzles and shit like that. We'd have to investigate shit and look for details in those worksheets or whatever they were. It was pretty cool.

People naturally formed groups that worked together so at some point the teacher had this wonderful ideea to break the groups up and shuffle them up. I worked alone so it didn't really affect me. There were 29 people in the classroom and he wanted to do groups of two so I figured I'm safe. People started to resume work on the thing and I drew something small on the worksheet that kinda looked like this. After a while a group in front of me turned to the group behind them.

They all started laughing so I curiously look up. One of them showed her phone to the others and there was a .gif of a purple girl enlarging her breasts and ripping the clothes off or something like that. Interesting humour, I guess. I hear the green girl call me so in an instant I turn my head. She quickly pulls her top up to reveal the giant bazongas for a quick second before someone obstructs my view with their arm. I move my head around like an animal trying to see that heavenly sight once more, but no luck, as she laughs and puts her top back. I want to cry inside the dream.


I was in some huge, creepy mansion thing. The layout was similar to our school's. A creepy dude came up to me, I think he was all dressed in black. Possibly had a trench coat. I think he told me I have to walk through this entire building. I don't remember the reason. I met all kinds of anomalies along the way. I feared every step I was about to take. It wasn't pure terror, more like I was just very unsettled.

I remember only one of the encounters. There was a huge monster thing suspended by the hands on some kind of machine. A sort of lid opened to reaveal it. It looked like it was in pain. I think he wanted us to become friends or something like that. He needed a certain three-piece code in pairs of two numbers. At some point I got really creeped out and just wanted to get away. I yelled that I'm sorry but I have to leave and he begged me to stay. I somehow psychologically "slapped" the code on him. It appeared as if it were drawn with white paint. I proceeded to run away, looking back I could see one part of the code was wrong. I couldn't be bothered to go back to correct it.

I reach what felt like the -1 floor on the building. About to take a corner the black dressed dude appears and informs me that this is the end of whatever that whole thing was.

I'm outside of the same building, but a few years in the future. It kinda looked like my school. I go inside. All the anomalies from before are there, running around like children. They look happy. Black clothes dude welcomes me back and seems surprised to see me. I go down some stairs and some of the anomalies grab onto me saying they want to play. I remember the huge dude and feel bad for what I did so I excuse myself and go look for his room. I eventually meet him and apologize for what I did to him. He says it's ok and that he's really happy that someone cared about him enough to come back and apologize. It looks happy.

I'm home on my computer. I get out of the seat and notice some small, long and disgusting bug-like things all around the room. I'm extremely close to vomiting, these cunts were everywhere. The smoothest transition happens as I wake up in my bed and have to stay there motionless to process that this is the real world. I'm still unsure if the last part of the dream was real so I'm a little bit scared to move, thinking there are those bugs underneath the covers.

#25 - End of the world

I had a vision of a sort of comet orbiting around our Earth. Sort of because the comet was a cluster of glowing stuff with a blue trail. I thought of it as a comet. My vision was that in 3 days that comet would crash into the Earth and it would trigger the armageddon. The post-apocalyptic Earth would become a ball of lava with flat, rocky surfaces here and there. I told some people but I don't remember the responses.


I'm in a building on some sort of construction site. Me and around 8 or 10 other people recieve orders to go somewhere, I just follow the others. We go somewhere underground and keep descending. We enter a really dark room with green lights and a generally spooky atmosphere. Everyone takes a seat and I try to find one too. Only free seat was between some girls so that was kinda awkward. A UI similar to the one in HoneySelect appears but instead of being buttons they show teams. There were 4 or 5 teams of 2. I was green.

Just then, a huge fucking melting monster dude thing comes out of the ground with some tentacles too. One of the girls that was with us apparently extends one of her tentacles and messes around with his. Completely disgusting but at the same time intriguing. This huge dude gets pissed and smacks her tentacle away. After that, another girl points her finger towards him. He asks her if she wants her finger touched as well with a threatening tone. She says "Yeah". He touches her finger for a short second and the tip started to melt just like his. This whole scene reminded me of this painting.

Some yelling later he tells us we're going to look through a thing and we're going to see the future about something that concerns us. The thing we had to look through seemed to be a spray bottle with an eye piece on the side. One of my classmates was there too and she was ill, so when she looked through the bottle she saw a 3 minute countdown to when she, as the huge dude put it, was going to die. Ok, cool.

It was my turn to look through the bottle but what he gave to me was just a regular spray bottle. I look around confused. He takes it back and starts laughing. He hands me the right bottle, I look through the thing and I see... the fuck? All I saw was a black spray bottle with the Dove logo on it. "What the hell?", I ask, to which the huge dude shrugs. I'm angrily confused and disappointed. I wake up.


One of my teeth fell out, that's all I can remember.


All I can remember is that there were some guys running experiments on monkeys everyday to see if they evolve into humans. Near the end of the dream one of the dudes gave a speech I forgot and raised his fist and shouted "Yeah!" and the monkeys did too. At some point one of the monkeys said "ooga booga" or something like that.

At the end of the dream there was a dog in a pretty big room. I think there was a dog contest the next day or something. All of us loved that dog but for some reason we put him in a latex suit the shape of him. He could barely move inside it and we left. A couple of minutes later I become the dog inside the suit. I struggle to move and the more I do it the more elastic the suit becomes. Eventually I let out a whimper and manage to get myself to lie on the ground inside the suit. I couldn't breathe very well. I wake up.

#21 - Club

I don't really remember how it started. I'm on my computer talking to a friend when I get a random message from one of my old classmates. She tells me to write some sort of essay for whatever. It had to be in english so that's probably why since everyone came to me for help with english back then. What is strange, though, is that the message she sent me was in english. Soon afterwards another old classmate sends me a message regarding the same thing that was also in english, so that made no sense.

Speaking of things that make no sense, I'm now at a club with said friend, my dad and my religion teacher. It was a literally underground club. It looked like a bunker from the outside. I don't remember how but I end up getting in a part of it that looked like a prison. It wasn't a prison but the layout of the hallways reminded me of one for some reason. I end up in a shower, a really strange one at that. Inside, there were windows all around. However, the windows were not big and were also at shoulder level. Some of them were foggy but the clear ones really disturbed me. I tried to make those foggy too but it only looked retarded and it didn't work. I was naked and I said "fuck it" and I started to take a shower. It wasn't specified anywhere if it's a male or female one so I didn't give a shit. Some girl came in while I was taking the shower but I don't remember if anything else happened afterwards.

Back at the club and the band that was supposed to be playing already started. I walked around and eventually I wanted to go out for some air. The exit was above the second floor and to get to it you had to climb a very steep ramp. I remember that the carpet was green and fuzzy but I don't know if the lighting had anything to do with it. I climb my way up to the door and get out. I walk around the bunker a little bit. It was surrounded by a weird fence. At some point my religion teacher comes out looking for me and I duck as if trying to take cover behind the fence. I try to walk behind it but soon realize that you can see right through it. As she spots me I quickly get up as to not look like a retard and announce that I'm over there. She tells me to come back inside so I do.

It was now the end of the night and we were trying to leave. There was a dude near the exit that sold some books and other stuff I wasn't interested in. I remember getting a pick from the band and realize I lost it. I don't really remember what was on it but I think it was gray. I walk around until everyone gets stuff from that guy. I'm waiting around near the exit and some guy comes up to me and gives me a blue pick with branching lightning bolts on it. It reminded me of the Ride The Lightning album cover so I say thanks and he leaves.

I'm close to getting home and we're on foot. There are some guys walking in front of us with a guitar and they had a small amp with them. I magically appear to have a guitar too now, so I start jamming around on it. I heard distortion and it was kinda loud and coming from nowhere so I couldn't control it. One of the dudes asks me if I want to join his band. I don't remember what I answered.


I was some japanese dude with a cute and thicc japanese wife. I was washing some dishes in the kitchen or something like that for a while and then I become myself next to the appartment door. I boldly ask the dude if I can fuck his wife and he says yes. I start banging her on the table next to him and let myself go inside of her. I tell him "You're welcome, cuck ;^)" and then I woke up.


I'm on a huge field and there's a road and a long wall behind me. There's some other dude too. I turn around and see the sun but it doesn't make me go blind. The other guy points out there's another sun to the left of the one I'm looking at. The one I was looking at was smaller and slowly got bigger and bigger. Shortly after we realized it was coming towards us. We kept running to the right but it was pointles. The sun smashed into the other dude and pinned him down against the wall, but he didn't die. I go on the other side of the sun, parallel to him. A dozen more suns come fast as fuck and smash into me, pinning me down against the sun that was already crushing him. He manages to squeeze out of there and I'm starting to hurt all over but the suns disappear for no reason.

I'm somewhere on Earth but not in our solar system. The guy is still here. We build a god damn spaceship and we agree I should go fly around and explore the surrounding... everything, I guess? I nitro the fuck out of there and I see a huge orange planet. It was like Mars but way bigger. I land on it and look around to find literally nothing but dust that gets in my eyes. I get pissed off and boost away. I head back towards Earth but as I get close I notice that it looks like it's made out of hexagons like in the new No Man's Sky update. I enter the atmosphere only to notice everything is technology and there are robots and shit and they all want me to die. I speed out of there and go back to my Mars place. Guess what, same thing happened to that but it's orange. I make out that some kind of robotic alien race wants to take over or something. I go back in space and a huge fucking hand comes out of nowhere and throws me away and I hit a wall. A black wall. A black wall with colored dots here and there. Makes me wonder where I actually am.

I start flying around really fast and everything got even darker, like someone turned off the lights. I see a huge bionicle-looking thing in some kind of hole made of nothing. It had glowing eyes and shit and kept trying to smash me. It manages to slap the shit out of my rocket making me hit the ceiling. I get out of the rocket and jetpack straight up. I eventually enter a pitch black vertical tunnel that seems to be kinda like a secret entrance to something. I think to myself "Huh I guess I'm about to enter the backstage of this fake solar system or something". I keep walking down the horizontal corridor that started at the very top of the thing. There's some wood blocking the way. I kick it and it falls apart. I hear an echoing voice telling me to "stay the fuck away" if I don't want to die. Eh, I keep going.

I end up and a huge room with all kinds of techy stuff filled with other humans. Someone tells me that they didn't expect anyone else to make it there after so much time. I sleep of some days and then we make a kind of plan to kill the huge bionicle dude. I bring 4 whale-oil tanks (yeah, like in Dishonored) and say that maybe "we can blow him up or something" and I can't remember what happened next.


I'm walking up some stairs in a building. I reach the second or third floor and knock on a door. A woman opens up and I go in. I'm nervous and scared. We go to the living room and sit down on a couch. Apparently it's my first time going there and she's my guitar teacher. Since it's the first day she asks me to show her what I already know and gives me a (*sigh*) Les Paul. I really hope they don't feel like it did in the dream. I'm sweating like a pig and don't know what to do so I naturally start noodling around on the C major scale. I'm afraid to make eye contact so I keep staring at the fretboard. I then want to play the riff from Smoke on the Water so I do that, but wrong. I want to die. I'm almost crying. I wake up.

#17 - All the other kids with the pumped up kicks

I'm going to start it off by saying I have a crew kinda like in Watch(underscore)Dogs 2 and our hq is behind a wall in a highschool building. We do shit I never remember there. For some reason one of the memebers is that GoGo grill from the baymax movie and we make a total of 4 people. Now I don't remember the majority of the dream but I do remember the ending.

For some reason the military wants to fucking kill us. The wall that hides our titanium-walled HQ room is left unfolded (like this). The building is empty and there's people with guns at every single entrance/exit but we don't believe they're at every one of them. We're all freaking out and GoGo wants to leave through the roof, so she climbs up a ladder, opens a hatch and gets shot to bits by 4 guys. Needless to say, we all ran into HQ and lowered the huge ass fortified door. We had a super secret exit that once enter turned everything into a 2D dungeon (depiction not 100% accurate) that you had to go through. I go through it to find a dead end. I find the pretty well-hidden alternative path and go through that. At some point I get to some huge rooms with colored moving triangles and dots. When I touch these I get 5 seconds to touch another and when I do touch the other one it gets added to a small menu at the top of the "screen". I get 4 triangles of a color and it makes a big diamond shape and I can go through the other diamond shapes of that color scattered around the rooms. Same goes for other colors. I never found out what the dots do.

I eventually manage to escape and the camera cuts to the guys left in the room. As the military somehow manage to open our door one guy runs towards the hidden exit and one of them is frozen of fear. The latter gets immediately shot to death and the other is hurrying through the 2D dungeon with the pew-pew guys just behind him. Eventually he somehow makes it to a hidden sort of exit that locks itself once entered. He's in a small gray room. He's looking at a corner and quickly turns around and starts begging for mercy, but there's only a sofa and nobody on it. A part of a wall opens up and the, apparently, principal of the school comes through. The guy asks him "Where's Lily?" (which, btw, was supposed to be dead) and he answers with "She just left through the front door moments ago." and that leaves the guy bamboozled. End of dream.

#16 - Ghosty

Me and some friends read online about some poster that said something about a ghost and how the place it was in was supposed to be haunted. And so we went to check wether it's true or false since nobody proved it's a hoax.
We arrive at the place and we're in front of a huge door but we see the window the poster should have been on. However, it was not there. Disappointed we went inside because we knew there's a 7/11 in there. As we're about to head in, I see a window that looked just like the one outside. I approach it and say "Maybe this is the window they were talking about you dumb fucks." as they turn to me. They run over, we examine all the stuff that was on it and find that exact poster people were talking about but... nothing about the ghost. It was something about renting. Extremely disappointed I wanted to take a pic to prove the rumor isn't real. But I couldn't. I couldn't press that damn button on my phone. So I just put it back and headed for the 7/11 as the others called me a faggot.
As we were entering. The guy in the front stopped dead in his tracks exactly as he stepped in and turned around. He said something like "The ghost is right behind us." and we didn't check to see if it was so, we just headed in. We bought some snacks. We headed out and hurried to our homes.

The next day I feel like I have to go back, so I do. I go through the huge door and sit down on a bench just thinking thinking_emoji. A few minutes later a little ghost girl appears before me. I don't do anything. It comes and sits down next to me. I curiously look at her. We start talking about idk what for a while. The place was empty. A few hours of talking later some people come and sit on a bench right acrosss from us. The ghost girl tells me "They can't see me." and after that one of my girl classmates also comes in and walks towards us. She says "Can you see her too?" and I say "Yeah but they can't apparently." and point towards the people from before.

So we all sit down and chat until the end of the dream.


A friend was supposed to come over after he got out of school. Before that I went for a walk in the city. I somehow got to his school even though I was not planning to go there. Some blonde guy stops me and tells me to go check his old car. For some reason I think he's cool. Tells me he's got one of his old guitars in there too. I cross the street, get to his car only to see it start up and drive away. Can't remember if there was a driver. I see my friend walk out of school and yell "Yo, suck a dick." as he turns around and yells something back. We go to my place and hang around. I don't know how but a friend from elementary school was there too at some point. We all hang out until the scenery changes to my school's computer lab and the first friend guy gets pissed off for some reason and he decides to hit me. This fight goes on for about 15 minutes in which he somehow got a knife and slashed the shit out of us. I was full of cuts on my wrist and had about ten stabwounds on my left foot. The second friend guy had around fifteen cuts on his neck. We were still alive though and somehow made up. I asked the guy with the knife to come meet me there tomorrow at 11AM. Said and done. We hang out a little and he seems happy.

I'm in a sewer, I think. I open a door to get outside and a hooded woman gets in my face and starts yelling about something. She seemed to be excited that I "finally" arrived. I go meet the "district boss" and idk what happened next. This part of the dream repeated itself later on but the woman had slightly different dialogue.

I decided to become an inspiration to people. I went over to some studio with my guitar and hoped for the best. There was some other guy with me. Can't remember what happened but we ended up in a huge white corridor, kinda like this one. The guy was asked to play something. Some cinematic shots of him took my vision as he strummed his ES-335 and sang about some stupid shit. It was then my turn but I forgot what happened.

I'm in an appartment that seems to be mine but there's blood on every wall and only the lights in the farthest room work. As I walk the mildly lit corridors I see things I guess you could call of artistic value. I found a book with a glossy cover that I think depicted blood on a broken mirror. In what was supposed to be my room, the farthest one from the entrance, was a large music sheet soaked in blood and some interesting glossy paper that reminded me of the inside of a vein for some reason. I took four of these "pieces of art" (as I thought of them) and left.

A lot of time during this dream I appear to be taken to different hospitals and I always despise them and seem to be somehow drained by them.


I turn on my computer and it has the default Win7 background. I try to change it to what I had before but can't find it anywhere. I look for another background and found one with a dark purple background and a bunch of colored squares symetrically lined up on it. You've probably seen it a few times but I can't find it anywhere. For some reason I had icons on my desktop which made me question if it was indeed mine but I didn't care so much. So I do a bunch of stuff on the computer and then cut to me in, I think, a gym. Apparently some girl is "skipping class to read a book like she usually does". Cut to me watching a music video online. I've seen it before but the animation was different. The art style was the same but the video was not the one I remembered.

#13 - Max

I dreamt of a celebrity whose name was Max. He doesn't exist IRL tho. He tweeted out that he's gay and everyone started losing their shit. I remember Gabe Newell's dream tweet:

I refuse to believe my cute little @Max is a homosexual.

#12 - Drought

I'm at my PC and I'm looking at a low-quality video of a girl continuously shooting chicken in tall grass. After she's done with two there's a dog. The dog just sits there for a couple of seconds, so does the girl. Then, the dog jumps at her and bites her neck. This continues for about 10 seconds and then I'm left with the woman on the ground, bleeding and facing the camera. Cool.

Dream cut and I'm in ghost mode. There's a guy on a horse in the water with another guy in front of the horse. After a couple of seconds the horse bites the guy's head (hard) but lets go.

Dream cut. I'm in a canyon. Well it's actually more like a crater. The ground is a mix of orange and red. The vegetation is all dead trees and grass. It basically looks and feels like Mars. But! There's a huge lake in there, and right next to it there's some ground and this is apparently a beach. There are lots and lots of people. Cut to me in the water for some reason. I'm underwater and I see a gray whale the size of a bus. I don't panic, I just swim as fast as I can towards the land. Just after I reach it the whale jumps after me, missing by a few meters. It appears to laugh it off while flopping back into the water. After that a smaller black and white whale jumps across the whole land part and eats anyone it reaches then flops back. Woah. I run off and climb out of the crater. The god damned whale jumps all the way up here after me, but I figured it can't get farther than that. I back off a little, charge and kick it back down. No more black whale.
After a while I look back down and there's no more water. None, it's all gone. Also no whales. No nothing. An empty hole in the ground. Really makes you think. I see four friends behind me but I can't remember who it was. We make plans to restore the lake with water from somewhere else. We decide three of them stay here to watch over the empty crater and me and the other go get water from somewhere else. And so I fly off screaming his name because he went ahead of me. I bend time and space and fly towards him. We proceed to fly away into nowhere in search for water.
We reach a village full of people. Eureka, there's a sea right next to them! We stock on water somehow and prepare to head back. We're stopped by some "guy with a fence" who wants to fight. Turns out he didn't but I thought so. We still beat him up bu eh. We head back and I apparently lose connection to the server. Then and wake up, EOD.

#11 - Planet K

I'm in a spaceship with my dad. We're just cruising through space but at a very high speed. We're in our solar system but there's a planet called K-something between Jupiter and Mars and that's where we're headed for some reason. We manage to land smoothly and hey, I can breathe, cool! We're next to some place like a crater or something but there seem to be something like mountains around it, except for one side. It's more like when you use those tools in 3D modelling to raise the ground or something. Anyway dreamcut and bam, I have a cute alien girlfriend now. She's really cool so the whole crying in the morning thing was bound to happen. Anyway while I'm there we chill out and apparently there's a big ass thing close by. I though of it as a star but it was basically some white planet that was glowing. I fly over there walk around a bit and head back. Dreamcut we're leaving and I actually feel bad -during the dream- that I won't see qtpi alien gf again. Fuck.

Ok so next up we're back on Earth. I'm at my old school for some reason. Some woman comes up as the P.E. teacher. Some kid throws us a basketball to give the teacher. Some asshole that was with us at that school for about two years comes up and throws the ball away and for some reason I start laughing. The teacher gives me a disgusted look like I murdered her whole family or something and I hide my smile with some book I had at me. She then tells me to go use the, apparently, "school showers"? We didn't have those but fuck it, it's a dream. I head to them even though I don't know where they are. The asshole, who apparently is my best friend now, comes up and says he's coming too. Shit's weird.

Dreamcut I'm naked and behind some cement wall next to a street. I spot my dad's car on the other side, there are two other kids with me but they're clothed. They go in front of the cars and stop them. I make a run for the car, hit the wall and throw myself in the back seats. I cover myself up with some blanket I found inside and there's some girl with me too. End of dream.

#10 - Cake

I am on some grass in a place close to my home. There's a long blanket on the ground with smaller blankets on the sides. My classmates come and sit on those. People from another class come over and bring us dishes, forks and knives. Some guy I've heard about places a piece of cake on each of the dishes and we eat it. Pretty sure it tasted good.

#9 - To Space

One day my father comes up to me and tells me he's built a spaceship. From scratch. Ok cool we have a ship. He actually did it. He somehow had everything he needed for a launch. I think "Holy fuck this is something unexpected". A few days later he comes up to me and says something like "4 left and then 3 right". Some shapes and a path take over my vision. As I examine it, I remember (in the dream, somehow) that I had another dream with stuff like this a while back. I tell him I don't understand. He says "4 left and then 3 right" or something like that again and somehow I understand. That night I go to an abandoned building next to his launch site and just climb it and follow that 4-3 path. I see him through a glass window. He salutes me and tells me he's about to leave. "Something isn't right", I think. Just then I see the tip of the spaceship fall down. There's something shaped like a nuclear bomb inside there but I don't pay attention to that. I start shouting that something will definetly go wrong and start begging him to come out but his mind is set on launching.

I see him go up into the sky. A few seconds later his spaceship goes out of control and smashes into the ground. This is fucked up. For some reason from now on I remember him being a frog while inside the ship (idk don't ask). I run over to the crash site. The ship is all fucked up. Couldn't have survived. I have no reaction whatsoever. Next day people confirm he's dead. Again, no reaction. My mind is blank. Next day I wake up and there's some huge centipede thing that looks like it's crawling on air and seems to be made of wood. I wait for it to leave, go in the next room and see it on the ground. It starts distorting and shaping up into a very different "thing". It starts exteding itself all over the floor. I jump on stuff in order to avoid touching it. I run to the kitchen and tell my mother to do the same. We succeed.

A few days later I find myself sitting down next to some walls and thinking about everything. As I remember everything that's happened I start tearing up. A little while later I stop but the sadness still remains.

One night, I'm in the dark inside some building with a bunch of other people. I blindly reach out for things until I find a pen. I open up the pend to find some paper inside it. We begin to find cryptic stuff everywhere. I'm pretty sure I saw these things in another dream.

#8 - Chemistry hacking

I had a weird experience that our teacher (from 8th grade) talked to us about someone who "hacked" a classmate's phone and why we can't be like that guy. I think the rest of the conversation was a sad one. I also think this happened in our main classroom.

#7 - Cannibalism and the gov

Some woman I know nothing about kidnapped me and around 9 other people. I know some of these people. I remember identifying one of my old classmates but nothing more. We're kept in a relatively small room on a big yach. Looked like it was made of wood. The woman's intention was to kill and cook us one by one.

We were allowed access to our mobile phones but I somehow knew I can't call anyone so I just drained the battery to 5% and put it away. From time to time we would reach land and were let to roam around some kind of city but again, I knew I can't run away. One day before we would reach land again an idea struck me. I got my phone out, turned on it's GPS and called "The Government". They picked up and I just said something like "Please come here." or "Help me." and then hung up.

At some point I sneak out and stealthily roam around the yacht. I find the woman's computer and along with it there was information about her. Her last name was something close to "Shantae". There was also an image of her. Only the face could be seen because the backgrund was blacked out. The eyes were big, round and black and the mouth was also pitch black, a truly demonic portrait. I head back to our room.

I'm in the city again, walking around. Some adult comes up and claims he's with the FBI. I start explaining, panicked, what's happening. Midway through the explanation I realize he's a fake and say "You're not the FBI, are you?". He tries to run away but I manage to throw him to the ground and stop him. He's knocked out so I figure that I'm safe.

From time to time the woman would come down to us. She would then proceed to make fun of us in various ways.

End of dream.

#6 - iDubbz

I'm watching a video on YouTube. iDubbz is in it along with someone else I don't remember. There's a big black wall with huge, black graffiti all over it.

#5 - Brogrill

Starts out in my home. In the living room. There are unknown people around me, a 50-something looking man and a girl around my age. Huh, interesting. I wait for something to happen, just like I do in real life. After a bit the girl gets up and goes somewhere. The man falls asleep. I quietly get up from my place and head to my room. On the bed, I find a small, orb-like thing. The closest descrption that comes to mind are those orbs on the No Man's Sky galactic map. It was white and had a red glow all around it. I lay in bed on my back, thinking about what's going on and where I am. The room feels and looks a bit different, different colors and atmosphere. After a while the girl comes in the room too. I'm still just lying there and thinking. She asks something.

We started talking. School comes up. We apparently will go to the same one. We both loved technology. I say I've been thinking of making some sort of video game thing but never got around to it and probably never will. Asks about working on something together to see how turns out to be. I say I'm ok with anything and I boot up my (her?) computer. I still don't know if it's my room or not. All the programs installed on the PC are identical to mine. I really wonder where I am. I open up Unity3D and decide I'll do the programming and shit like that. Agrees and says she'll do spritesheets and graphics in general on a laptop (that also looks just like mine). I get some placeholder things and start doing the layout of the game. Looks pretty good if I may say so myself. A while later I use some of her graphics and sprites and it looks really cool. Also forgot to mention she's a total bro and I had a lot fun.

After a while everything is really quiet. I found a small jar with a metal lid. It's no bigger than my thumb. There's some pointy thing inside. It's shape is close to a 3D diamond. I turn the jar over a couple of times. The thing starts spinning inside. It suddenly stops and falls, motionless. I do this a couple of times and the girl appears fascinated? Really weird.

Fast forward a couple of years or so (yeah, I know). I'm in a hall. Most likely a school's hall. There's a big, wooden board full of different papers in front of me. The walls are blue. People talk about politics around me. I never cared about them so I just walked away.

End of dream.

I also realized how lonely I am
There was definetly more to all of this. Anyway, another cool dream that I won't ever have again.

#4 - Coffins?

I really don't know what to title this one so just roll with coffins

I don't know where I am. Some kind of krusty krab restaurant thing but less cartoonish. That's the only description that pops in my mind right now. I get out of it and see a coffin on the street. Behind the restaurant thing there's an ocean, the restaurant looks like it's sitting on a pier? Wow. Anyway, I open it, obviously, and inside there's some kind of golden thing. The dream cuts and it's night time. I look around the pier and see a coffin standing up straight in the water. I approach it and of course open it only to find some long, golden thing and another coffin inside of it. I keep opening the coffins to find cool metal stuff and other coffins. It's almost day again, the coffins still didn't end. I take all the metal stuff in my arms and run home like some crazy idiot.
End of dream. Does this mean that death is near or I'm going to get rich or something? I really don't know. Gonna have to wait and see I guess.

#3 - Dream Girl

I'm in some school I've never seen before. I'm in class with obviously no idea what we're talking about or what's going on, but there's some random girl in front of me that gets my attention by doing absolutely nothing. School's up and I walk home. For some reason I'm like "Actually, I should take a detour to the barber's." On my way there, I notice the same girl from before was walking in front of me. At this point everything seems weird. She was wearing casual clothes, had a pretty simple hairstyle and kinda reminded me a little of myself, only much better. Then out of the blue she just says something and after whatever it was I say "I know, right?" She then proceeds to tell me how some photoshoot thing at that school is pissing her off. Then, something comes over me and I say "Who whould want a photo of you, though?" Silence. Can't say I would have reacted differently but still, it was kinda awkward. I get to the barber's and I had my 1337 w4r3z with me. I pull out my laptop (running some pentesting OS) and begin snooping on the network with my 1337 h4xx1ng 5ki11z while she's getting her hair cut or whatever she's doing.

I don't remember what happened after this
We basically got to know eachother and everything was cool and just worked
Please visit again, dream grill

#2 - Mask NSFW EWW

I was somewhere unknown to me when I heard someone talk about a movie that scared the shit out of them. Of course I got the movie and started watching. Was pretty boring, started skipping through it until I reach somthing good. Nothing good nor scary about it though. It was about some masked guy with a black or gray trench coat. Whenever the camera was focused on him everything was black and white.
I turn on my computer that was running Windows XP for some reason. I open up Sony Vegas and start editing some random clip. I hit render and watch the laggy live preview in the background. At some point it stops rendering, a black filter is visible on the clip and some weird logo-like thing appears. All's working outside of S'Vegas though. After a while it disappears and the rendering finishes.

Now I'm in some dark room, might be my own room. Gore all around me. There's some kid with his torso sliced open on the floor, next to a wall, in the T-pose. I can clearly see his organs, they're all mixed up. He's alive and in a lot of pain. He's somehow screaming and facing a floating man with more organs and gore in a circle around me. It's the guy from the movie. The masked man gets angry because of the noise and tells the kid to stop. The weird thing is that I didn't hear his voice, but I knew he said it. Like he spoke through my mind or something. Kid can't keep quiet and I start seeing through his eyes and feel his pain, only it hurts a lot less for me.
A big knife starts floating, probably maneuvered by the masked dude. It vertically cuts through the kid's organs, creating a weird symmetry inside his body. Kid doesn't die and I can feel the pain as if it happened to me.
Some other minor things happened after and then I woke up.

#1 - Box

This dream occurs every once in a while. Usually around every 4-5 months.

It starts with me in some random place, everything's normal. Then, people start disappearing. It's not like you blink and once you openyour eyes they're gone, you would stare at them and they just disappear.
Once I notice this, I always start instinctively running on the streets. I usually meet a random number of people I know every time. I always end up in some fancy-looking place that I enter with them. I start telling them what's happening and they just believe me. Afterthat I end up in some fantasy-like place, within the fancy place. In this latest dream it was an underground place with soldiers insomething that looked like two isles divided by a pretty wide river. The one I dropped down in had a weird square-shaped metal structurethat we entered without recieving any damage from the soldiers' fire. I start talking to those people from earlier and out of nowhere Itell one of them for some unknown reason that if he says my name he'd disappear too. He says it and what I just said came true, poof, he's gone. Eventually everyone disappears over time and I'm left all alone in that room. I end up in some spatious chamber with only one door. There's always the same large, metallic box somewhere in there. It opens to reveal that it's full of orange circuits and motherboards and electronic stuff inside. In the middle of all of that there's a floating cube.
After this I got out and went somewhere else that I don't remember. I only know I did some really important box-related stuff there andthen woke up.