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24 Dec, 2017

My dad got me a "Misfortune Cookie" for Christmas. Just like a regular fortune cookie, but it was black and tasted like death. The piece of paper inside said "People only talk to you out of pity". Thanks, dad.

11 Dec, 2017

Time for a depressing post. Alright, here we go! For the past two days I've been working on a terminal client for a textboard because it had an API and I was EXTREMELY bored.

Now, I haven't really "programmed" in quite a while so I'm impressed by the fact that I actually fucking finished it! Like, it actually works, 100% functional. Well maybe 90% because I didn't implement a feature, I'll do that tomorrow. But you can browse all the boards, you can look at the threads, you can even start and reply to threads! All of this while also having the comfiness of your shell. It even has colors! I've really outdone myself with this one.

I think this is the first real thing I've programmed, not just quick useless scripts for automation or stuff like that. I actually felt good when I was done with it. When I managed to fix all (most) of the bugs and IT WORKED! But soon afterwards came the darkness. I was quick to realize that yes, I made this unbelievable thing (for my standards) and yes, it works exactly like it should, but... who's going to use it? I don't want to shill it on one of the boards or their discord server, I wouldn't wanna see shit like that either. Probably. Also half of the code is a fucking mess but who gives a fuck about that? Nobody's going to look at it anyway, I guess that's a good thing.

So, now what? Why did I waste my time on this? I'll probably forget about it too. Another abandoned project going into the void called Github. A sad day indeed.

21 Nov, 2017

You have no idea what agony is if you never tried to restring a floyd rose.

06 Nov, 2017

I'm really tired right now but I managed to make a short midi before hitting the bed. This one's pretty chill and (i think) better than the last one so give it a listen, or don't!
Goodnight, my dudes.

23 Oct, 2017

The agonizing experiment is over, I bought a new hard drive.
Also, turns out that some ghost asshole unplugged my Debian hard drive and what I was seeing in BIOS was the disc drive I forgot I had.

21 Oct, 2017

Remember when I asked people to guess what's going to break next? Probably not because only rocketmix saw it but eh. Well, today is the big reveal!
Drum roll, please! *drum roll*

My Windows 7 hard drive that I somehow saved last time is almost falling apart and I have no backups. I can't even boot it anymore but I can read it from my live USB so that's cool.
Also, my other hard drive with Debian 8 magically became invisible to anything but the BIOS and I fucked GRUB up a few days ago in order to fix my Windows hard drive yet again.
But worry not, dear readers, for I still have my live USB with persistence! But then AGAIN, networking doesn't seem to work with persistence and I'm too lazy to fix it. I'd much rather lie in my own misery and cry.
So, what's left? Are there any other alternatives for me? Am I doomed with a life where I can't use my computer anymore because I'm too depressed to go buy a bunch of new hard drives? Yup, that's it, sadly.

Actually wait hold on a sec there is one last thing I could do! Persistence may not work but I still have a last resort: live mode.
Yup, live mode. I'm actually going to try using that over buying new hard drives. Look at it as an experiment: to see how long I can last starting every single day from zero. Let's see how that goes.
F, my dear hard drive. You might be gone soon enough, but you will never be forgotten ;(

06 Oct, 2017

Today in the computer lab I jumped in a 5-player FFA on Zandronum (and won two rounds with max kills somehow!)
Also writing this on my phone now and because of that I want to die.

02 Sep, 2017

I think one of my hard drives (the one with Windows 7 and everything) DIED :DDDDDDD

Update: It did :)

31 Aug, 2017

You know those days when you're bored and sad and shit? But then you wake up one day and you're like "Can't believe today was such a great day!" at the end of it all? Well today was exactly the opposite of that for me.

I'll just get straight to it: one of my extension cords that powered the monitor, another extension cord and pretty much everything around my room fucking exploded and I'm not even kidding. Why? Because I moved the fucking TV to the desk my monitor is on and then I had to plug it in. Why? Because my GPU fried so I couldn't use a HDMI cable and had to use a VGA one.

Tl;dr GPU fried, extension cord blew up, almost nothing in my room works anymore :)

14 Aug, 2017

I got really bored so I made a midi that sounds like shit in around 20 minutes

17 Jul, 2017

Finally bought some strings. I also got five .010s with the set just to be sure. My other guitar's high E snapped today so good thing I bought those. I should be more careful with bends.

16 Jul, 2017

My high E string snapped for the 3rd or 4th time this year wtf
Now I have to go buy a new set tomorrow fuck

Update: The only guitar store in my city is closed :)

8 Jul, 2017

I want the miku pedal but I don't have money

6 Jun, 2017


27 Apr, 2017

New blog because
Everything changed yet again! Current version is now nameless 5.0
New stuff includes space shit in the background and a sliding sidebar. And this new blog I guess? Also kinda minimalistic-ish design. ALSO you might be able to zoom and it doesnt look like garbage.