dumb fucking blog

17 Jul, 2017

Finally bought some strings. I also got five .010s with the set just to be sure. My other guitar's high E snapped today so good thing I bought those. I should be more careful with bends.

16 Jul, 2017

My high E string snapped for the 3rd or 4th time this year wtf
Now I have to go buy a new set tomorrow fuck

Update: The only guitar store in my city is closed :)

8 Jul, 2017

I want the miku pedal but I don't have money

6 Jun, 2017


27 Apr, 2017

New blog because
Everything changed yet again! Current version is now nameless 5.0
New stuff includes space shit in the background and a sliding sidebar. And this new blog I guess? Also kinda minimalistic-ish design. ALSO you might be able to zoom and it doesnt look like garbage.