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Welcome one, welcome all!

Greetings once again, beautiful people of Neocities, as well as curious web surfers that don't know what a Neocities is, and russians who've found their way here from fauux's website!

Feel free to browse around using the bar on the left (top on mobile). Some icons might have a number next to them if they're related to each other, it's only for differentiation purposes. Likewise, there might be a icon to mark a redirect.

PSA: If you're one of the russians, please don't send me that weird email that I know you're writing right now. I don't speak a lick of Russian besides "я не знаю, иди в пизду," and translation services unfortunately suck balls when it comes to your language. If you really insist on sending it though, would you kindly explain how здравствуите being written like that makes any sense as well?

Here's a shitty button you're allowed to use if you don't hotlink. Fun little fact because this paragraph is too small for my liking: I made this with HTML and CSS on codepen and then took a screenshot of it. Mess around and make your own if you feel creative.

This website does not use a SINGLE framework, they can all eat my ass.

Contact or stalk, whatever you want

You can now buy me a loaf of bread.
It would be pretty funny, I think.
Gonna post a pic if someone actually does it.

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